Creek Side Horse Park

Horse Obstacle Course, Mounted Archery Course,  
Private Horse only Trails and Horse Camping

Welcome to our New Horse Facility 

We are excited to share our huge 450 acre private facility with all of you horse back riders! Private trails, the "Chuck Wagon" 30x85 pavilion, full kitchen, office, campsites, tie lines and a top of the line Certified Course. 
There are horse only trails through out the facility. You are only allowed to walk on foot and/or with dogs and horses on these trails. No motorized vehicles.  Our trails are only open during events to help keep the trails in top condition.
On 2 acres of the facility, we have designed a top of the line Horse Obstacle course that will blow your mind! Our course is certified but with OQHA also in mind, we have made one of the best courses that you will find in this part of the region.
Now lets talk horse camping!! We have a huge amount of tie lines that are available at the campsites. The parking is endless here!! There is also very nice areas that will accommodate corrals, they are allowed as long as they are safe. Currently there are no stalls and not much shade, you are welcome to bring a pop up tent or something for you horse to have a shaded area as long as it is secure. 
Currently all camping is primitive. You are allowed to run generators all day and turned off from 6am - midnight, unless they are rated extremely low decibels or you have a medical reason. There will not be any electric to hook to if you do need it for medical reasons at this time. We hope in the near future we will be able to install electric to some of the sites.
There is water in camp for your horses. At this time we will be bringing it in in very large totes till we can provide a well. Currently we are working on a area to wash horses in, please check back on this just prior to the event.
Dogs are very welcome in our facility as long as they get along with everyone else. We do require them to be on leashes, but please keep safe distance from all horses. Dogs can not be in the kitchen, but can be on the rest of the property and trails as long as there are no issues. Please be aware that you could come across a stray dog while on the trails, it is to your discretion if you take your dog with you. We do not commonly see random loose dogs, just be aware that there could be some from neighbors. Please keep dogs away from the Obstacle course while others are competing.