Creek Side Horse Park

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2 Days Pass - Non Event


If you would like to come to 2 days in a row this is the pass for you. This pass will be good for 2 days and 1 night at the park on open weekends You will have access to the course and the trails. Please stay on marked trails, do not go off the property. You do not have to camp with this pass, it can be good for 2 days in a row as well coming in and out. Not to be used on different weekends. ** If you have a group of 3 or more people, call and make reservations on a off week day or weekend. We can open the park for you if a scheduled closed day for 3 or more riders. Call or email to confirm dates. No dates will be approved prior to May 13, 2018

What open weeked do you plan to come on?

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