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Poker Run & Scavenger Hunt


Come join us for a fun day! Come in a group or just yourself! Each rider will do 10 obstacles, find 5 porker cards on the trail, answer riddles and find the answers on the trail. You will take pictures of the items and they will need to be in order on your camera. Once you get back we will open the envelopes for th epoker hand. when you see  what you have you can buy up to 2 cards that you will draw for. 

Loads of fun for all ages. Price is per rider Lunch stand onsite You can camp all weekend. $15 for 1 night, $20 for 2 nights. Stalls available for $10

Obstacle map will be given that morning

$25 a rider or Only $15 if you hold a park pass - either send through paypal or pay at park.

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