Creek Side Horse Park

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Here we will be posting and linking other certified IMTCA facilities that are in our region. 

Watch for the show bills so that you can find multiple places to qualify in the regional IMTCA
show this August at Creek Side Horse Park!
All parks must have all there dates for qualifiers in my January 15, 2019
(For 2019 qualifier season, all parks need to be certified by May 1 to be apart of the high point) 

IMTCA Midwest Regionals: 
Anyone can participate in Midwest regional show

IMTCA Midwest High Point:
Requirements - IMTCA Membership, participate at 2 different parks (unless parks are farther then 3H away from each other), participate in at least 3 of the 4 challenges. Highest 4 scores are counted, so if you go to more shows we will take your top 4. 

Creek Side Horse Park
Regional Qualifiers & High Point

May 5 - Schooling Show

Judges: Kelly Chapman

June 2 - Schooling Show

Judges: Kelly Chapman

June 13-15 - OQHA Trail Ride & IMTCA Mountain Trail Challenge 

Judges: Kelly Chapman & Anita Durant

August 4 - IMTCA Mountain Trail Challenge 



September 21, 2019 - IMTCA Mountain Trail Challenge 


September 22, 2019 - IMTCA Midwest Regionals

Judges: Kelly Chapman & Anita Durant

No qualification - just sign up!

High Payouts!

Oak Spring Farm
IMTCA Regional Qualifier Show Date
July 15, 2018

Buckeye Horse Park

IMTCA Regional Qualifier Show Dates:

May 12, 2018

August 18, 2018

Dream-Feather Horsemanship Center

IMTCA Regional Qualifier Show Dates:

June 3, 2018

August 12, 2018

Stone Gate Farm 

This will be a regional Qualifier Facility for 2019
For 2018 we will count the August 5th show for IMTCA High point awards

Holland Western Saddle Club
Coming Soon to IMTCA


New York

Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!


Coming Soon

Become IMTCA Certified today!


Coming soon - New York, Michigan & Virginia qualifiers for 2019!! 

IMTCA Judges in the Midwest Region

Kelly Chapman

Natural Horse Training and IMTCA Judge 

Rebecca Scalise


Anita Durant

Oak Spring Farm and IMTCA Canada President & Judge

Chris Burk


Jamie Binegar

IMTCA Judge & Trainer

Champion Hill Performance Horses