Creek Side Horse Park

Horse Obstacle Course, Mounted Archery Course,  
Private Horse only Trails and Horse Camping

High Point awards to those coming to min of 3 of 4 events!
Creek Side Mounted Archery Club meetings Friday for each event 6pm With pizza Party

Be Sure to check out the Creek Side Mounted Archers Facebook Page for the most up to date calendar and if there would be any cancelations due to weather. 


Join us for the mounted archery clinic!

3 day clinic 

June 5-7, 2020

Day 1 - Learn how to shoot a Horsebow from the ground and learn how mounted archery works

Day 2 - Learn how to desensitize your horse so you can shoot off horseback. working with your horse.

Day 3 - Run Patterns and shoot :)

Depending on how fast everyone learns, archery and horsemanship skills will depend on how fast the class moves. You could be running patterns on the 2nd day! 

This clinic is great for the beginner and intermediate archers. 

Clinic starts 9am each day till at least 4pm each day. Kent & Julie are more the happy to work a longer if your wanting to learn :)

Need for the clinic  -  Your horse and all your normal tack, Horse bow & Arrows (see MA3 Website for specifics) **We will have bows and arrows there if you need one** Please let us know upon registration if you need a bow/arrows. MA3 Membership is required. 

Camping is included in the price for Thursday - Sunday. If you would like to camp an extra day it is $25 per day per trailer. All camping is primitive. Water is available for horses in camp. 

On the MA3 website, there are additional website to get supplies from. Sign up to be a member before you order, big discounts!  

Please Note: Due to Covid, There will not be food at any of the events

Mounted Archery Competitions 

 To encourage beginners ~ Walk/Trot & Canter Classes available  at competitions & also ground competition with traditional bows. 

Friday is practice day, gates open at 4p. Club meeting at 6p with food.
Saturday & Sunday competition 

Costume Contest!

3 Day Mounted archery Clinic  ~ June 5-7, 2020 

       Kent & Julie Battenfield from Texas

Mounted Archery Competition ~ May 29-31  


Mounted Archery Competition ~ June 17-20, 2020

   National Ranking 


Mounted Archery Competition ~ July 31 - August 2, 2020 


Mounted Archery Competition ~ October 2-4, 2020


~MA3 Membership is needed for above Competitions~

Spectators encouraged

Classes Saturday & Sunday  - Awards Sunday after competition 
Mounted Archery  

Adult Canter 
Youth Canter (If only 1 in a class, canter classes will be combined) 
Walk/Trot Adult
Walk Trot Youth (if only 1 in a class, w/t classes will be combined) 

Bow & Arrow rental for the weekend - $20 per rider, includes bow & arrows (they will be shared) 

Ground Archery Saturday Afternoon followed by awards 

*Must use recurve Bow, same as Mounted archery regulations* no arrow rests




Bow & Arrow rental $20 Per person

Practice Days

See our calendar, any Open day listed we will have the Archery course open. (On other non archery EVENT days, the course is not available for safety reasons) 

Park passes are good for all open practice days on the course. 

We will have bows and arrows  with different poundage at the facility if you do not have your own. They will be for rent for $5. Includes Bow and 5 arrows (additional to the daily park fee).

Park Fee for practice days are only $10 to any MA3 member (Full use of entire park). $25 for non members

**Keep watch on the calendar, we will have an archery instructor on Fridays for lessons at he event weekends

New to Mounted Archery 


Most local stores in our area only carry traditional bows with arrow rests, a bow with out a arrow rest in needed. 

There are links to websites on that sell Horse Bows that are very useful. 

ANY traditional bow that does not have a arrow rest is allowed. It will be your preference on style and size. Shorter bows are easier to handle then the long ones. (Except PVC bows, they are not permitted due to safety)


Can buy from just about any archery store. 

When you buy arrows, be sure to get them to fit your needed length. Too short of arrows can cause you to shoot your hand that is holding the bow** Do not just use anyone's arrows, but sure they are not drawn past the bow when shooting. 

Use Feathered fletching's, not plastic. The feathers will glide past your hand, plastic will cut your hand**

Blunt tips only

Colors, plastic, wood - all personal preference - Advised to use bright colors to help find your arrows when target is missed


Any style quiver that is attached to the person will work. It is not recommended to use quivers attached to the horse. 

Back quivers, side quivers and leg quivers are all common. Most men with a longer draw length normally prefer the leg quiver. Most women with a shorter draw length prefer the side quivers. See what works best for you. 


This is a personal preference whether you use them our not. 


You can wear anything to the competitions right now. We highly encourage the Mongolian outfits, we will have an award for best dressed at each event! Horses can be dressed as well but not required. 

**Come to our Club meetings the Friday before the competitions or any of the open days and we can help you in getting set up for mounted archery.**