Creek Side Horse Park

Horse Obstacle Course, Mounted Archery Course,  
Private Horse only Trails and Horse Camping

Championship Obstacle Challenge: 
Anyone can participate in the championship obstacle challenge that has shown at 1 challenge in 2020 - at any park

Creek Side Horse Park

Please note: Due to covid: The OQHA ride is running the trail rides and the competition, but not the food and the big raffle night. We will have online raffles posted week of event.

May 31, 2020 

Patterns 1  - Adult Classes, Junior Horse Classes

Pattern 2 - Mini, Novice & Youth Classes

Pattern 3 - Open Classes

June 17, 18, 19, 2020

Judges:  Kelly Chapman, Jadie Dennis, Rebeca Scalise

Thursday Patterns

Pattern 4 - Youth, Novice (Level 1) & Mini Class

Pattern 5 - Adult Junior Horse Classes

Pattern 6 - Open Classes

Friday Patterns - Same as Thursday

Saturday Patterns (reverse of the other 2 days)

Pattern 7 - Youth, Novice (Level 1) and Mini Classes

Pattern 8 - Adult & Junior Horse Class

Pattern 9 - Open Classes

August 2, 2020 

Judges: Kelly Chapman & Jadie Dennis

Pattern 10 - Adult & Junior Horse Classes 

Pattern 11 - Youth, Mini & Novice Classes

Pattern 12 - Open Classes 

September 19, 2020  

Judges: Kelly Chapman & Rebecca Scalise

September 20, 2020 - Championship 

Judges: Kelly Chapman & Rebecca Scalise


Creek Side Horse Park - Just show at least 5 shows in 1 season at Creek Side

OQHA - Membership is only $25. Very nice awards for all breeds of horses! Not just quarter horses, Minis too! good for all Youth and Adult labeled classes. Show at least 5 shows at Creek Side  

OMT (Ohio Mount N Trail)- Membership is $25 (covid -19 special is $15 this year (2020) only) All breeds welcome. Novice, Youth, Adult and Open classes. Show at least 5 shows, 3 parks to pick from

IMTCA Membership is $35. All breed welcome. Most level 2 classes. changes yearly, see IMTCA website for details. Show at least 2 shows