Creek Side Horse Park

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Ranch show dates:
June 3 - Judge Mike Schmid 
June 4 - Jennie Wright 
August 12 - Judge Terry Meyers
August 13 - Jennie Wright 

We are super excited to announce we are adding Ranch Horse Classes for 2022

What is Ranch Horse? 

       Ranch Style horses. Stock horses, no gaited horses unfortunately. Horses do not have to be registered or pure breed, just a stock horse.  No Silver or bling on any tack or on clothes. Horses move naturally. No hoof polish. No rubber banding of horse's manes, if mane is long, brads are permitted. 

Halter classes - Rope halters 

Attire - Long sleeve button up western shirt. Jeans, boots, cowboy hat. The more you dress the better. top off your attire with a scarf or neck tie. Chinks add a great look but not required. If things are close, someone with chinks can place higher.

Classes Offered

Showmanship - No matter what division you are in, you are walking and trotting only. Patterns could be the same but might be different for upper levels. In Hand class, no tack. Rope halters

Confirmation - No Matter what division you are in, you are walking and trotting only. Pattern is the same in all Divisions. you are showing off the confirmation of your horse in this class. In hand class, no riding tack. Rope halters

Horsemanship (Rail Class) 

Ranchmanship (Rail Class) 

Ranch Riding (Pattern Class) 

Ranch Reining (Pattern Class) 

Ranch Trail (Pattern Class

Dummy Roping - Roping a fake calf that is in one place while on your horse - If dummy is stationary - riders are always standing in one place to rope, not moving or running at the dummy, no matter what division you are in. If the dummy is moving, the horse and rider will also be moving to match speed. Walk trot classes, the dummy will always be stationary. 


**The same horse and rider combo can only enter 1 division**

In classes like the dummy roping or showmanship, once you enter a division you are in that all day showing against the same people and it is for the season. This does not mean you will be walk, trot and cantering in dummy roping, it is just grouping you with the same skill level riders. Dummy roping is at a standstill unless the dummy is moving.  Showmanship is in hand and is walk trot in all the classes, you are just grouped with the same skill level people. 

All Age - Canter class. Any age can enter. If you show well, we encourage you to be in this class, even the youth

Novice - Canter Class. Any age can enter but more for adults

Adult Walk/Trot- Max trot in this class. Will include extended trots

Youth - Canter Class for 18 and under as of January 1st 

Youth Walk/Trot - Max trot in this class. Will include extended trots


Each Class will be awarded 1st - 6th place at every show - Ribbons

Each show - Will be awarded Prizes 1st -6th at each show for high point for the day in each Division. High point for All Age, Novice, Adult W/T, Youth, Youth W/T

Year End Awards- Come to a min of 3 of the 4 shows and you will be entered in high point for the season!! 1st - 6th will be awarded. Grand Champion will be Belt Buckles