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What to expect at a Mt Trail Show at CSHP

Plan to come and enjoy a low key show atmosphere that you can enjoy with your horse. We are all here just playing with horses and seeing how we can better our partnership with them as we strengthen our horsemanship skills.

Class Levels 

What level should you enter and what can you enter?

Each Rider can enter in 2 levels. Rookie & 1, 1 & 2, 2 & 3 or 3 & 4. Everyone can enter in Youth and open classes if 18 and under as for January 1st for the year. and Everyone 19 and over as of January 1 can enter in Adult and Open Classes. Anyone can enter Maneuvers. 

Year end award for each class, tallied from all 6 of CSHP shows. Overall High point Belt buckles given out for overall, all points you have earned all season, everything you can enter will be tallied in overall. 

OQHA members will be counted for year end awards for OQHA & Creek Side in Youth & Adult classes Levels 1-4 both in hand & riding. Be sure to sign up for OQHA before the 1st show. You can sign up online at 

Youth Rookie               Youth new to showing Mt Trail or has not won 3 or more blue ribbons or overall in a season can enter

                                     Youth Rookie can have an adult near the horse while child is on the course, but not touching the     

                                      horse. Adult is there just for safety for small or inexperienced children. Youth with help on course 

                                      can not enter regular rookie class for riding, In Hand can be if adult is not with them for in hand. 

Rookie                         Any youth or Non Pro Adult can enter. No Trainers.  New to showing Mt Trail or has not won 3 or   

                                     more blue ribbons in a season or overall in a season can enter.

Level  1

All patterns at a walk. No turns on any obstacles. Very simple pattern. 

Level  2

All patterns will be at a walk with only 1 trot between obstacles. Very few/simple turns or a backup can be in the pattern. 

Level  3

All patterns will have walking, some trots and 1 simple canter in the pattern. Will have a decent number of turns, backups or side passes on obstacles.  

Level  4

All patterns will have walking, many trots and at least 1 canter in the pattern. Most obstacles will have some sort of turn, side pass or back up.

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