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Events held at CreekSide Horse Park

All CreekSide hosted events, reservations can be made online at our online store, by mail or in person. All events ran by others you will have to reach out to them or follow their links to make reservations or entries.

Mountain Trail Course


Over 55 obstacles on the course that is tweaked yearly to keep interest. Riders are welcome to come and play on open days or practice patterns once posted prior to shows. Everyone is welcome. There is a level to enter for every level rider. Even In Hand classes! In Hand classes share the same pattern the riding classes. It is recommended to do both to encourage your horse. However, you can do either or. 

Have a horse that isn't ridable and want to get them out and do something with them or your unsure of riding? In hand classes are perfect! Mini classes are also offered but they are welcome in all the In Hand classes.

All Youth and Adult labeled classes can also earn you OQHA Year-end award, with any breed horse!! Be sure to send in your membership to OQHA so you can earn those awesome awards! These awards are exclusive to CreekSide Mt Trail Challenges. CSHP also offers year end awards for all classes and over all Buckles.

Dress code - collared shirt (polo type, can be sleeveless with a collar) or western long sleeve or English attire (no jacket needed). Jeans and boots. No silver, points off. Tack, just needs to match (western saddle, bridle and attire. or English saddle English bridge and English attire). Relaxed look but clean. Laid back for just having fun and building your partnership with your horse.

**All entries due by 7pm night before challenge


Mounted Archery 


300 Meter Mounted Archery Track that any rider from beginner to advanced would enjoy. Classes are offered for walking and cantering. In the walk class we can even lead your horse when you 1st start. 

"Open" Classes are also offered for the more advanced riders/shooters. Youth and adult classes offered in canter and walk. 

Easy parking directly in line facing the track so it is easy access. 

Groupings of riders so you are not standing long for your turn. 

For more specific mounted archery info check

All bows must be a horse bow type with no arrow rest. Arrows should have feather fletching's, you will appreciate that after shooting 1, but not required! No tack requirements other then you must have a saddle and a bridle on your horse and tack in good working condition. No dress requirements, however on Saturdays we do have a competition for medieval type attire. 

If there is time on Saturdays we also do a fun ground archery competition, same bows must be used. 

Year end high point awards.

All entries due by Friday night 7pm prior to competition






Keep an eye out on our flyers for all of our clinics. Ranch riding clinics and Moutain Trail Clinics are almost always hosted annually. Mounted Archery clinics we try to do each year if a clinician is available. 

Also keep watch for other types of clinics that rent our facility. See the calendar of events for all info. 

**All clinics must be paid in full to take the reservations



Coming to our facility we try to make it as easy as we can. It can be stressful enough hauling horses and a big trailer. 

~Water hydrants are about every other parking space

~14 Pull through spaces for those that have trouble backing

~Large parking lot for big rigs and easy for smaller rigs

~Restrooms with flush toilets

~Shower house (coming soon)

~Wood stalls that are a 4 pack close to your parking space (no roof)

~Portable corrals in another area and are set up directly behind your trailer. So your horse is nice and close to you

~Tie lines in place if you do not want a stall. ~at Parking space

~Portable electric corrals are permitted to be brought if looking safe and in designated area

~Full amenity cabin & 3 electric only cabins for rental (reservations Required)

~30x80 Pavillion along with 3 entry booths around the park

~4+miles of horse only trails that are well groomed. All tractor wide

**Dogs are permitted but required to be on a leash at ALL times and attached to someone or something. Can not run loose at any time or any reason. No Dogs permitted on the trails due to farm dogs.

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